7 Phone Apps and Websites to Make Your Wedding Planning Easier!

As wedding planners and self-confessed stationery addicts, we're all for fabulously pretty notebooks and handy spreadsheets, but in this modern world it would be crazy to ignore all the amazing technology that's out there and available for us to use - a lot of it for free!

We've compiled a list of our favourite tech tools to help you create your perfect wedding, and take the stress out of wedding planning...

1. Wedding Happy

What does it do? This app is pretty much a lifesaver if you're planning your wedding! You can input all the contact details and information for your suppliers into the app, under different categories (such as Florist, Caterer, Bridalwear etc). Then for each supplier you can assign unique tasks and reminders (such as "second dress fitting" or "cake tasting"). Each task can be given a deadline, so it pops up as a push notification on your phone, giving you that little nudge you might need! There's also a countdown to your wedding date on the homepage, and an option to invite your significant other to join in the app on their own phone so you can keep in sync. There are a few other apps out there which offer this kind of thing, but we really do think this is the best one out there!

Where do I find it? The app is available to download in the Apple App Store. More information can be found at www.weddinghappy.com.

How much is it? Free! There are some upgrades available in the app, but it can still be used perfectly well without paying for these.

2. InfoFlowers

What does it do? This app is great for those who haven't got the foggiest idea about flowers (or even for those who are pretty clued up!) InfoFlowers allows you to search for what flowers are in season at any given time of year, by colour and shape, and you can even search by scented or non-scented flowers. If you're wanting to get ideas before visiting your florist for a quote, then this is a great place to look! You can also email and share your findings via popular apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter.

Where do I find it? The app is available to download in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. More information can be found at www.infoflowers.info

How much is it? A one off charge of £4.99 in the Apple App Store, £3.59 in the Google Play Store.

3. AllSeated

What does it do? Gone is the sheet of paper with crossed out names and little bits of colour coded post it note - AllSeated takes your seating plan game to the next level! Admittedly, it does take a little getting used to, so if you're not super tech savvy the pen and paper method may still be the right approach for you! That said, there's some great tutorials, webinars and full online support, so after a bit of practice you'll get right into the swing of it! AllSeated allows you to input your guest list, their RSVP status, dietary requirements, and even what relation they are to you (whether it be the bride's family or friends of the groom) - which all comes in very handy when creating your seating plan. You can create an accurate floor plan of your venue, and assign each seat to all your guests - very nifty, and looks super smart!

Where do I find it? At www.allseated.com - This is online software rather than an app

How much is it? Absolutely free!

4. Travel Butler

What does it do? Ok so strictly speaking this is more useful for planning your honeymoon than your wedding, but it's too good not to include! Simply input your destination, and Travel Butler will give you a tailored packing list based on the length of your trip, your gender, whether it's a business or leisure trip, and the forecasted weather! Your packing list is interactive and allows you to add/remove items, and tick items off the list once you've packed them - not only does the list cover your wardrobe but also things like suncream, passports and phone chargers too! As if that wasn't enough, the app also has integrations from Foursquare, which means it gives you top tips on all the hottest restaurants, bars and attractions in your destination.

Where do I find it? Travel Butler can be downloaded from the Apple App Store, and you can see more information about the app at www.travelbutler.net

How much is it? Free - yay!

5. Squarespace

What does it do? Having a wedding website will save you so much time by giving your guests the answers to all those FAQs they may have about your wedding! There are literally hundreds of options out there, but Squarespace is one of our faves. It's super easy to use, sleek and professional looking. It's not the cheapest, but we think it's worth it. With a wedding website it's great to give directions to the venue, accommodation information and even some lovely stories on there of how you met, or a gallery of your engagement pics. If you're asking for donations towards your honeymoon as a gift (something which happens so often nowadays!) you can even accept donations through your website, subject to a 3% fee.

Where do I find it? Visit www.squarespace.com to view options and sign up.

How much is it? $16 per month (or $12 per month if you pay for a year up front). You can also get a free trial if you wanted to try before you buy!

6. first direct Saveapp

What does it do? Simply input a savings goal (so what you're saving for, how much you money you need to save, and a deadline date) into the app, and then you'll be given a selection of things you might want to cut back on. This can be anything from a daily coffee, a weekly takeaway, or that post-work glass of wine on a Friday night - you'd be amazed how much it all adds up! Once you have chosen your cutback options and told the app exactly when you tend to make these purchases, the app will send a handy reminder at the time you specified, which encourages you to save your money to help you reach your savings goal instead! It does take willpower, but it's very addictive watching the amount you've saved grow!

Where do I find it? The first direct Saveapp is available from the Apple App Store, but you can also find out more information at www.firstdirect.com.

How much is it? Totally free, even to non first direct customers!

7. Wedding DJ

What does it do? The Wedding DJ app reduces the risk of accidental skips and pauses from your DIY wedding soundtrack and helps ensure the right songs are being played at key moments - it's generally pretty foolproof once you get the hang of it! There are a couple of downsides, such as it isn't compatible with any streaming services, including music you have saved in iCloud. All the music you use must be stored on your phone and purchased with iTunes. Another issue may be that you'll need to hand your phone off to someone to operate throughout the day, which may pose a problem if you like to have your phone on you (though if you have an iPad and set it all up on there instead then that isn't too much of an issue). Generally it gives a more professional finish than a single playlist on a normal streaming or music service, and makes it simpler to schedule songs for key points throughout the day (you can assign songs to certain parts of the day in the playlist) which makes it easier for the person operating the app to select the correct song at the correct time!

Where do I find it? Available to download in the Apple App Store, and more information can be found at www.steamclock.com/weddingdj.

How much is it? A one of charge of £7.99 (not including any music, which needs to be purchased and downloaded onto your device from the Apple Store).

Are there any other cool apps or handy websites we've missed? Drop us a note in the comments box below, we'd love to hear about your discoveries! If even an app still isn't taking the headache out of planning your big day, get in touch - we can help!

All prices and information in this list are correct at the time of publishing.


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