Healthy Dishes You'll Want On Your Dessert Table!

Offering a dessert table at your wedding is a great way of providing your guests with a variety of tasty options. It’s also a really useful way to cover dietary requirements, by serving healthy yet delicious desserts that will suit those on a low calorie, gluten-free or low cholesterol diet.

Not only is summer the season for weddings (and therefore stuffing your face with delicious food), it's also the season for beach holidays! If you or your guests are trying to keep healthy or watch your waistline for your upcoming vacation then here are a few ideas to give you inspiration for some not-so-naughty treats for your wedding dessert buffet:

Mini Trifle

(Pictured Top Left)

Just imagine a whole load of sundae glasses lined up on your dessert table, crammed full of that classic English pud, trifle. Trifles are essentially made up of three things: fruit, sponge fingers or sponge cake soaked in sherry, and custard. These can be made healthier by using low fat ingredients and sugar substitutes. They’re also very easy to make in large batches, if you’re doing the catering for this part of the meal yourself.

Rainbow Fruit Cases

(Pictured Top Right)

One of the keys to making healthy food look like a treat is to think about the presentation. A bowl of fruit won’t necessarily look like a party dish fit for a wedding banquet. But place that selection of berries in a cute cupcake case, coconut shells or a vintage tea cup, and instantly you’ve created an attractive dessert! Fresh fruit is such a great option if you’ve got guests with special dietary requirements, like gluten-free. Another big bonus? It’s really affordable, and it’s quick to prepare too. You can even add mini milk bottles filled with fruit-infused fizzy water, for a complementary drink.

Fit Cheesecake

(Pictured Bottom Left)

Cheesecakes are a tasty way to finish a wedding banquet, and mini, individual portions look very striking. This favourite pudding can be made into a healthier version by using low fat cottage cheese and reduced fat cream, and opting for a citrus flavour like lemon, rather than anything too sweet and sugary.

Fruit Sorbet

(Pictured Bottom Right)

If you were thinking of serving ice cream, switch that to fruit sorbet. You’ll be able to offer this to guests who can’t eat dairy, and it’s lower in fat, calories and cholesterol than full-fat, dairy ice cream. There are all sorts of flavours to choose from, and you can match them to the season you’re getting married in, so that you can use fresh seasonal fruit. Just make sure you’ve considered the melting aspect!

Now that you’ve got some inspiration for healthy dishes to serve on your wedding dessert table, you’ll be able to start planning the sweet ending to your special day. Your guests, and their waistlines and cholesterol levels, will thank you for it — and everything will taste just as good!

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