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[We still have limited availability for 2024! Please note, we'll be closed for the duration of 2025]

(Are you looking for a full UK wedding planning service? We can help! Just scroll on down the page!)


If you....

  • Are loving the crazy, exciting adventure of planning your own wedding

  • Want your day to be relaxed, fun and run like clockwork

  • Would love for you, your family, and friends to be able to let their hair down on the day and not worry about what's going on behind the scenes with timings, suppliers or any other wedding day tasks



Hiring a wedding coordinator does not mean losing input and control over your wedding day - quite the opposite. If you've spent months (or even years!) putting in the hard work to plan your dream wedding, it makes total sense to hire an experienced professional coordinator to make sure it runs as perfectly as you ever imagined!


Having the services of an on-the-day wedding planner means you can enjoy your day without worry or stress, knowing that every detail and task has been taken care of and that your celebration will run super smoothly... leaving you to make memories with your family and friends, and focus on the fun stuff! This service is especially beneficial (some would say essential!) with a dry hire venue or a tipi/marquee with no venue staffing or an "in house" wedding coordinator. Even some couples who have a venue with a coordinator included choose to hire an independent coordinator, just to know they have someone on site who knows their own personal priorities for the day, and isn't going to be preoccupied with other duties at the venue.


Think of me as your own personal wedding ninja - making sure suppliers and guests are in the right place at the right time, the guests are happy, and dealing with any dilemmas along the way calmly and swiftly. I love finding out about my couples' likes and dislikes, and getting to know what's particularly important to them or what's worrying them, in order to offer a super personal service. My main priority is to be on site to make sure you and your family can relax throughout your wedding day, leaving you reassured in the knowledge that everything is on track - you don't have to be that couple who are fretting over suppliers arriving on time, moving furniture around the venue, or lighting candles on their special day!


On wedding days, we encounter SO MANY different tasks, it's hard to give an exhaustive list! There's a lot of weird and wonderful things we do to help our clients on a day to day basis, but generally On The Day Wedding Coordination includes:

  • Around 4-6 before your wedding day, meeting with you at your venue to go through all your timings, suppliers and the smallest details, to put together a comprehensive running order for the whole day, and will give you advice on anything else that needs to be done by you before the wedding. 

  • Approximately 4 weeks before the wedding we'll contact all of your suppliers and ensure they have the correct contact details, timings and directions, and encourage them to direct any last-minute questions to us. This means you shouldn’t have to worry about watching your phone constantly the week or so before your wedding in case a supplier calls/emails you with a generic query (leaving you to relax!)

  • I’ll be there on the day itself to deal with any arrivals/queries from suppliers or guests, from the morning of the wedding right through until the evening (until the point when everyone is happily drinking and dancing and i'm no longer needed to make anything happen)! I’ll ensure the fine details at the venue are exactly as you envisioned, the day runs to schedule and super smoothly, all whilst making sure your guests have a fantastic day and that you’re left worry-free and able to relax and enjoy your awesome celebration.

  • In addition to managing the other suppliers and ensuring things run to time, our couples often ask us to do jobs like: putting out garden games, filling up drinks dispensers with water, setting up dessert tables, switching on fairy lights, lighting candles, handing out orders of service/confetti, managing the ceremony music, making announcements, moving furniture, slicing up the wedding cake... the list is pretty endless! We don't just work off a list either - we're super proactive and if we see a job that needs doing, we'll get straight on it!

  • On the wedding day we always bring along an emergency kit – containing handy items such as safety pins, sellotape, paracetamol and a needle and thread. 

  • We have public liability insurance which covers any work undertaken by us.

  • Throughout your planning journey, feel free to contact us for advice on timings or for recommendations on suppliers - we're always happy to help point you in the direction of what you're after!


Our wedding coordination services listed below are based on a simple, easy to understand fixed fee. The costs quoted below include all mileage for weddings within 20 miles of our base in West Yorkshire. We are always happy to travel further, but there may be a surcharge for travel and accommodation based on the location of the wedding. If you have any questions, would like to secure your date with a 20% deposit, or would like to obtain a travel quote for a wedding further afield, drop us a line at

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We'll meet up at the venue around one month before the wedding and talk through your plans and your suppliers. I will then put together a detailed running order for the day, will look at what else needs to be done by you before the big day and will introduce myself to your suppliers and pass on my contact details​.

On the day itself, you'll have one coordinator on site for up to 12 hours. Usually overseeing the arrival of suppliers from the morning of the wedding, making sure the day goes smoothly right through until the first dance (usually about 9pm).

I always bring an event kit, full of useful things (everything from elastoplast to spare cufflinks) so i'm  prepared for pretty much any eventuality!

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(Optional Extra Service)

If you've decided to  design your own wedding "look" without using the services of a venue dresser or stylist, and have hired/bought your own decorations, the task of decorating a blank-canvas wedding venue or marquee/tipi can sometimes be a bit daunting! Often we have clients who'd rather spend the day before their wedding at a spa (or enjoying some cocktails) and want their vision brought to life whilst they chill out!

One of our really popular additional services is assistance with setting up the venue the day prior to the wedding. During your handover meeting, we'll  look over any pinterest/moodboards you've put together and will discuss the placement of all decor and little design details which will need to be considered by us on the day of the set-up.

2024 Weddings:


2025 Weddings

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(Optional Extra Service)

For weddings where there's large guest numbers, with lots of different suppliers and logistical elements, or for outdoor weddings in tipis/marquees, we highly recommend bringing along an additional assistant coordinator. Our assistant coordinators are always experienced and super friendly!

Of course this is completely optional (and in some circumstances it's not necessary) but we do find for certain weddings it is really helpful to have two or more coordinators on site to ensure the best service possible to our clients.

If you're unsure if you'll need an additional coordinator on site, just ask - we'll be happy to offer honest advice based on previous experience.

2024 Weddings


2025 Weddings

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[Our Full/Partial Planning services are fully booked for 2024, and will be on hiatus for the duration of 2025/2026]

We only take on a very limited number of Full and Partial Wedding Planning clients and now mainly offer On The Day Wedding Coordination. This enables us to offer our clients the best possible service level, and leaves you reassured you'll get the attention your wedding deserves! 

Our Full Wedding Planning service does what it says on the tin - it covers everything from start to finish, such as finding a venue, sourcing your dream line-up of suppliers, creating a stunning design for the day, helping manage your budget, setting up and coordinating the wedding on the day, and even managing those pesky RSVPs for you! You'll still have loads of involvement with the things you want to though (especially with the fun parts like food tastings and finding your dream wedding day outfit)! 

Partial Wedding Planning is similar to the above, but where you've already started the planning process and we're picking up from where you've left off! Or, it may be that you want to do certain elements yourself, but need some help with other things, such as sourcing suppliers or design-related work.


No two celebrations are the same, so these services are priced bespoke to your specific needs. Sounds good? Get in touch today for a no-obligation consultation and quotation if this sounds like what you're looking for - We'd be so excited to chat through your wedding plans!

Our Full Wedding Planning service starts from £4950, and our Partial Wedding Planning or Elopement Wedding Planning services are priced on a bespoke basis.

Multiple day events (such as full weekend weddings or weddings with welcome dinners the night prior) and marquee/tipi weddings are priced slightly higher than this, due to the greater amount of planning required to make these events happen.

Photography credits on this page: Bridgwood Wedding Photography (banner image), From The Smiths Photography, Fox Tail Photography, Silver & Light Weddings

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