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In December, I was delighted to find out we'd been named as regional finalists for Wedding Planner of The Year (Yorkshire and the North East) in The Wedding Industry Awards 2022! Having won this award in 2019, I already knew how amazing it felt to be able to tell clients that we're genuinely amongst the best in the business, and was really excited to be in the running again (especially after the past couple of years...!)

I'm a big supporter of The Wedding Industry Awards - they are based on verified client feedback and are judged by other experts in the industry, and so are truly awarded on merit (there's a lot of awards out there, but TWIA are definitely the most rigorously judged).

So, fast forward to earlier this week... I made the (long!) drive up to Newcastle, bursting with nerves and anticipation. It was so lovely to be back out in the world again, having a drink and celebrating with our industry pals (shout out to Garden Weddings, 24 Live and The Beverley Barn!) after such a long time of uncertainty.

When our category was announced, my heart was pounding and I started shaking like a leaf... and then when we were announced as WINNERS I nearly spontaneously combusted! Yay! I was, and am, SO overjoyed.

For those who follow Kook on social media, you may know this year has been a very difficult one for me personally. To know that I was able to continue to provide unwavering support my clients throughout this time - to an award-winning level - is incredible.

I cannot thank all of my clients (every single one of you!) for voting for me this year. It means the world to a passionate small business owner like myself. Thank you also to my future clients for choosing to work with me (especially those who are tying the knot this year after multiple postponements!), and also the wonderful, talented suppliers I am lucky enough to work with.

Fingers crossed for February, where we're now up for the TWIA National Wedding Planner of the Year Award 2022! And roll on this year's wedding season - it's going to be BUSY, and totally amazing!


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